Yang Huazhen Sichuan, China

Yang Huazhen is a widely admired Tibetan master embroiderer; born to a family of Tibetan embroiderers; recognized as a Chinese National Intangible Cultural Heritage successor and a UNESCO folk art member.

She has received a number of international and domestic awards. After the March 12, 2008 Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan Province, she established the Tibetan and Qiang Culture Museum and the embroidery brand Mordo. Her core mission is to protect the heritage of Tibetan and Qiang traditional culture, and help women in affected areas. She has put enormous effort into the field of folk art preservation.



How did you start the stitch work?


I started when I was six-years old when I learned to mend my clothes. Later on I started to study embroidery. For each Tibetan girl, we had to stitch our own turban and apron. I didn’t like to follow the rules and I always invented my own way of stitching. At 16, I got famous in our town because I was not bad at it.


Where do you get your inspiration?


I’m inspired by our own culture from my hometown. I like Tibetan collectibles such as Thangka, attire, embroidery and utensils...I often came back home, for instance, I went to monasteries to find inspiration.


What is your opinion on the future of Tibetan embroidery?


Now I only wish that more young people join us and learn the craft. Besides, I need professional designers who can infuse modern elements into Tibetan and Qiang embroidery to draw more attention. We should carry it on since embroidery is the old wisdom being passed down from our ancestors.


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  • vivi pan

    Posted at:2015-08-10 09:01:41

    This is fantastic!

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