Wang Dongkai Fujian, China

Born in 1983, Wang majored in computer science and worked in Hangzhou, where he found his passion for tea culture. He decided to pursue an artisan’s life style back to his hometown in Fujian Province in 2001. He excelled in the craftsmanship in a short time by mastering ‘hare’s fur’ and ‘oil drop’ tea bowls with elegant metallic touches.


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What brought you back to Jianyang to make tea bowls?


I used to travel everywhere on business. I was so anxious that I couldn’t find anywhere I belong. So I went back home to sell tea and discovered the beauty of Jian ware. I was drawn to it and decided to learn the craft. Over the years, I devoted myself to making ceramics because I enjoyed it very much. Each day there is new expectation for the outcome and unveil the next morning. Making Jian ware comforts my heart and calms my soul. I finally gained back the sense of belonging.


What challenges did you encounter when you first learned it?


I was a bit nervous when I made my first attempts in a tiny kiln like a rice cooker. It took me more than a year to succeed after countless failures in a drafty and stone-cold room. I made several good ones which customers favored. Once again I needed a bigger kiln. So I had to move to a new place to build one. For two months it was only failure. Yet I encouraged myself to carry on. I tried day after day. Eventually I made it! The glaze was even and gorgeous on each side. It was nearly perfect.


How the antique Jian ware different from the modern ones?


There is a touch of gentle and warm glow on the antique tea bowls, which is hard to find in tea bowls we made in the electronic kilns, because it used to be fired and cooled down for longer period of time and in bigger kilns in the ancient times. Nevertheless we have made progress too. The patterns are not beyond our control any more.


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  • Shane .

    Posted at:2015-12-23 07:25:37

    Thank you for the chic bow Dongkai. I love it so much...

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