Tian Jing Yunnan, China

Tian Jing was born in 1977 in Jianshui, Yunnan Province, graduated from Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute, Jiangsu Province, and was named a Master of Arts and Crafts of Yunnan in 2008 for creating many award-winning purple pottery works.


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How did you start making purple pottery?


First of all, I like to drink tea. I thought it would be wonderful if I can use the teapot I made myself . So I started to ponder what kind of tea set best matches Pu’er tea, which is my favorite. Then I began to learn the craft. It was very convenient because I was born there.


What is the personality of purple pottery?


Simple, very simple. I think porcelain is too highbrow and rough pottery is too crude. Between the two, the purple pottery has a delicate touch without the sense of roughness. Sophisticated, yet not too flamboyant. I am drawn to this material.


How do you like your career?


It has become part of my life, as I really enjoy drinking tea. I need to find good tea sets. Therefore, my happiness has little to do with money. If you feel happy from the bottom of your heart, you can spread the happiness to other people. It is the most important to follow your passion if you are going to carry on an old craft. If you put your emotion and effort into it, your work is alive.


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