Huang Ying Sichuan, China

A master paper-cutting artist; a member of the Chinese Folk Literature and Art Association Committee; Mianyang City Folk Literature and Art Association president.

She won numerous international and domestic gold, silver, and bronze awards. Her works have been selected by the Museum of Chinese Paper cutting and included in personal collections domestically and abroad. In 2008, the Swiss Cultural Foundation invited Huang Ying to visit Switzerland and study folk arts. The series of her works "In the Alps" appeared on Swiss cheese packages. In 2010, a piece called "The Qiang Nationality on the Clouds" was awarded the bronze prize on the First Chinese Paper cutting Festival. Meanwhile, Huang Ying is involved in many charity projects. Hundreds of her works were donated to help thousands of Chinese women and orphans in rural areas.



How did you start papercutting ?


I started learning it when I was nearly 26. Before that I worked as a physical trainer in a primary school. One day I saw a carving in local newspaper. I liked it, but thought, oh well, I could actually do better. My first teacher was actually a Beijinger living in our town. But when I found him, he had to leave. So he taught me through correspondence. He did not take me seriously first, but then had to change his mind.


Why do you enjoy papercutting so much?


Because I can express my dreams through my works. At 40 I started learning printmaking, so it is never late.


What are the main motifs?


Mostly I choose folklore and legends including Houyi Shot the Suns, Yukong Moved the Mountains, Jingwei Filled the Sea and Giant Kuafu Captured the Sun, as they represent our national character and positive spirits.


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