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Shaanxi, China

Chinese New Year Painting



Description No
Weight(kg) 0.0500
Size 21"x17"(54.5cmx43.5cm)
Materials Xuan paper

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Tai Liping

Chinese arts and crafts master, the inheritor of the Fengxiang Chinese New Year woodblock painting technique enlisted in the National Intangible Heritage preservation program.

He acquired the Shaanxi Fengxiang New Year woodcut skills from his father and grandfather; the craft has been passed down in the family for more than 500 years. Together with father, Liping created over 60 types of motifs and discovered, researched, re-engraved more than 400 sets of New Year woodcuts, restoring the art to its former glory.

Tai Liping is an artist with fifty years of experience. His art works have been collected domestically by the Central Academy of Fine Arts, China Art Museum, t...

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