Cheng Lin Yunnan, China

Taking up tin art from a young age, Cheng is a senior artist, craftsman and successor of Gejiu tin craft from Yunnan Province. He engaged in creative tin designs and also a sculptor of traditional stone molds. He was awarded many times for his works in national and provincial handcraft contests.



How did you start your career?


Tin is essential to our life in Gejiu, a place with rich tin ore. Ever since I was a young kid, I had toys made of tin. Later on I got to learn about tin utensils and art products under the influence of older generations. In 1996, I started a small studio to experiment and study tin art and craft with professionals and apprentices.


Did you encounter any challenges?


Yes, always. For example, I didn’t have enough money to buy the raw material because tin is not a cheap metal. If I want to do big scale artwork, it would cost me like tens of thousands yuan. Besides, I could encounter all kinds of problems to make ideas come into reality. It takes a lot of efforts and time in both cases.


What is the greatest pleasure you find in your work?


I’m most proud of my hometown Gejiu for its splendid cultural heritage. I’m happy that I could take the responsibility to carry it on.


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